The Bleeding of Britain March 1, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Published March 1, 2021 200 Views

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The Bleeding of Britain March 1, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

The Queen is the Agent of the House of Wettin in Britain, and holds a subordinate position to her own Cousin, Lady Somerset, the Dame of Glammis Castle--- the "goddess". This is how and why Continental interests have been bleeding Britain dry for the last eight decades, up to and including the EU and UN.

More than half the members of Parliament have personally been on the take and receiving kickbacks from this group of Royal Investors, and still more have been blackmailed by them. It appears to be a collusion between largely Middle Eastern bankers (Muslims and Jews alike) and the various monarchies of Europe seeking to create a new form of Feudalism,

which I call "Corporate Feudalism" as it transfers the responsibilities of the Monarch onto the faceless, nameless, unaccountable backs of commercial corporations owned by the Crown, and various other corporations worldwide owned by other investor groups, and all controlled ultimately by the Holy See.

The apparent goal in all of this is to set up a new means to enslave the public as serfs, with all named individuals serving the corporations that "represent" the various states and kingdoms (without being those States or Kingdoms or even necessarily associated with them) and with the Monarchs only serving as figureheads to calm the masses into submission.

The object is to control the labor and commodities and natural resources actually owned by the people of the world on a private basis, so as to grossly enrich and empower the few private Parties that control and own both the Crown and the Holy See, and to protect their corporations from such unpleasantries as taxes.

This debasement and dehumanizing of the Monarchy reduces it to the level of any other commercial corporation, whether you call it QEII or ELIZABETH II or LIZZIE, all of which and sundry others have been used as instrumentalities of HER MAJESTY, INC.

This plot subjects the Queen and everything she owns to the authority of the Roman Curia, which makes up all these corporations and other THINGS such as Cooperatives and Limited Liability Partnerships and which serves to define what corporations are and what powers they have and what rules they must abide by and what punishments can be applied to them.

It is all bunk--- charlatanism based on the theory and concept of "legal persons" as opposed to "lawful persons", being used to impersonate people and suborn their assets as collateral.

The actual history of this all revolves around criminal misuse and abuse of public trusts that were established under very dubious circumstances, which will be described more fully in our lawful proceedings, but for a good flavor of the actions taken and the results of these actions, please see the United States Federal Code, Title 22, especially the Annotated Revised Statutes at Large.

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