Funny prank proves mail-in ballots are a bad idea

Every American should want honest and secure elections. The media has repeatedly told us that claims of voter fraud are baseless, false, or lies. This funny prank proves that they are being dishonest and we do need to make some changes to protect our democracy.

I start by setting up the prank. In the 2020 election there were 65 million mail-in ballots. The media tells us that mail-in ballots are safe and trustworthy. They also tell us that anybody who questions them are liars and conspiracy nuts. In actuality, you cannot trust a mail-in ballot. They are anonymous. To prove it, I draw a picture. Here’s the catch; I draw the picture using crayons and I try to make it just like my three-year-old niece, Penny, would do it. Then I drop it in the mail to my parents. My theory is that my dad will be fooled and think that my niece drew the picture, even though she had absolutely nothing to do with it. That is, after all, what the media wants us to do with mail-in ballots. Just because a name is on it, we have to accept that it is a legitimate vote. Let’s see if that is really a good idea. If cheating is easily detectable, my dad will quickly figure out that the picture was not drawn by Penny. Otherwise, it proves that a ballot coming through the mail could have been filled out by anybody.

On the day that I thought the picture would arrive I went over to my parent’s place and made an excuse to work over there. When the mail came things went exactly as I predicted. As you can see, my dad fell for it hook, line and sinker. Then it got better. My mom saw the picture and was also fooled. She even hung it up on the wall! Then my sister and her family arrive for dinner, with my adorable niece. Her hilarious reaction was my favorite part. She has no idea what her crazy grandpa is talking about. After that I do the big reveal. My dad, who did not think that there were enough questionable ballots to change the results of the election, had to laugh when he realized that I had tricked him, and yes, that is his real laugh. My sister points out that I had forged her writing on the envelope terribly, but I remind her that in many states they weren’t even verifying signatures on ballots.

This does not prove that cheating occurred, but it does prove that cheating is easy and nearly undetectable. Maybe you believe that politicians are just too honorable to cheat but I don’t. Fortunately, there is an easy solution that I suggest at the end of the video. To make our elections more secure, all voting should be done in person with ID. Every single person, whether Democrat or Republican, who really wants honest elections should agree.

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