Atari is listening! New BIOS in the works?

2 years ago

I submitted an RFE (request for enhancement) to the Atari VCS Team with lots of support from other VCS Community members. Atari finally responded and acknowledged our desire to have BIOS access. Will a new BIOS be available soon? This is what Atari had to say:

Our goal is to provide access to the BIOS. We know the community wants that access, and we are working on some solutions that give more experienced users the access they need ... also trying to come up with a solution that keeps less experienced users away from things that could brick the VCS ... or at least give them clear warnings that they are off piste and could do damage that is outside their warranty

And yes, we do hear the community on this issue and it has been an active discussion within our team. Changing the BIOS password was something we felt we needed to do, but did not really want to do, and we see it as a temporary step

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