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Published March 1, 2021 147 Views

Rumble Open Borders, Closed Economy

Before the Wuhan Coronavirus, the left was all about openness. Leftists wanted open borders and an open society with no walls or boundaries. They called everyone who disagreed racist and fascist. Now, after the crisis, they are all about keeping things closed and having borders and boundaries everywhere while conservatives want to reopen. The left responds by calling an open society racist and fascist. How is it possible to completely flip political positions so dramatically in a matter of months?

Joe Biden Is Keeping U.S. Closed for Americans, Leaving Border Open for Illegal Aliens

President Joe Biden’s administration is getting blasted by lawmakers, local officials, and critics for advocating lockdowns and restrictions for Americans during the Chinese coronavirus crisis while seemingly opening the nation’s borders to illegal aliens who can flout Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Biden Harris Administration Leads To Highest Gun Sales Ever Recorded

January of 2020 set a new record for gun sales, thanks in large part to the mini-tyrant Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam. But Northam has nothing on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

The FBI released data yesterday showing that January’s gun sales were higher than any other January in history. The data said there were 4,317,804 NICS checks conducted in January 2021, just totally obliterating the previous record of 2,702,702, set in January of 2020.

Glock Canada Sales Rise to Annual Record; New Models for 2021 — Glock GmbH, the maker of the world’s most-popular handgun, said its sales in Canada rose to a record last year, driven by demand for its G17 Gen 5 pistol and the smaller G19 Gen 4 “Canadian.”

For 2021, the Austrian company’s Canadian affiliate has cut prices and will offer two new models adapted for Canada, said Glock Canadian Sales Manager James Cassells.

The manufacturer’s Canadian revenue climbed by more than 20% to exceed USD 9 million (CAD 11.4 million) in 2020 as it sold over 15,000 pistols, Cassells told in an exclusive interview yesterday by telephone.

‘Very Good Year’

18 States: As Constitutional Carry Advances, There’s Still a Long Way to Go

Constitutional carry is advancing in 2021. Two states have already signed it into law so far this year and several more have bills working their way through their legislatures that would eliminate government licensing for exercising an enumerated civil right.
What is Constitutional Carry?

Trudeau says Canada could see an election this year

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said for the first time on Friday there could well be an election this year, indicating his government is preparing for a vote he insists he does not want.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party only controls a minority of seats in the House of Commons, which means he needs the support of opposition parties to govern and can be brought down if they unite against him.

Trudeau, who says his priority is tackling the coronavirus epidemic, has previously sidestepped questions about an election, saying merely that one was theoretically possible.