Two-face (after dentist)

Published February 28, 2021 15 Views

Rumble This is called a peripheric facialis paresis (shut down of the nervus facialis). There are diffrent reasons why something like that can happen. In this case it‘s the local anasthesia application of the dentist. You can „hit“ the nervus facialis while trying to get the nervus alveolaris inferior (the nerve to shut down your jaw or in latin the mandibula). The nervus facialis innervates the mimic muscles of the face. One of those is the muscle called musculus orbicularis oculi. Thats why she cant close here eye (this is called lagophthalmus). I won‘t get more into detail of the facial paresis.. but yea.. that dentist should know the anatomy a lil bit better or at least the dosage of the local anasthesia.