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Published February 28, 2021 7 Views

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Landscaping Services & Lawn Care Services Smithsburg MD

The Daffodils, Hyacinthus, Crocus, Tulips are up out of the soil, the birds are singing, the geese are flying north and the earthworms are up and on top of the ground. These are all signs spring is near and that we should be getting ready to celebrate the rebirth of another spring season.

Time is so valuable and there is only so much time to get your landscape in shape before spring arrives here in the Smithsburg MD community. Grosh's Lawn Service is here to help with all the services that need to be completed.

Here are just a few examples of what needs completed in the spring:

1 - Spring Cleanup of the lawn and landscape beds of all leaves, debris, tree branches and trash.

2 - Crabgrass preventer and fertilizer to get your grass growing and to stop crabgrass germination.

3 - Bed Edging needs to be completed each year because the dirt edge breaks down over the year.

4 - Mulching needs to be completed so that when all your beautiful spring blooming flowers, perennials, trees and shrubs are blooming the mulch will help accent the plants and the landscape beds.

5 - Weed control is important in the spring with Preen and this helps keep thousands of weed seed from germinating.

Overwhelmed yet? This is just 5 of the spring items that need to be completed to get things headed in the right direction this spring.

Just contact Karen and Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service today at to schedule your spring services here in the Smithsburg MD community, Washington County Maryland and the tri-state area.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you this spring!