How safe is the vaccine? Dr Catherine Fyan & Dr Judy Wilyman PhD discuss.

3 years ago

I spoke with Dr Catherine Fyans & Dr Judy Wilyman to answer questions about the safety of the Vac clne.

Some of the Q&A include;
* How is it different to other va((ines?
* Can it be called a va((ine?
* What are the ingredients? how do they work?
* If children aren’t at risk and aren't carriers why do they need it?
* How safe is it if it’s still in the trial phase (trials finish at end of 2021 – 2023)?
* Why are hundreds and thousands of Doctors worldwide being censored?
* What are the side effects? Does it really include death?
* What are the best ways to create strong immunity for Covid?

We cover these and much more, including if they are mandated and the WA legislation pertaining to this.

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