S2:E25 Public Lake Pike Fishing | Kids Outdoors

Published February 27, 2021 48 Views

Rumble The boys are out fishing again and Dad's predictions are about as accurate as the weatherman's!

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If you're passionate about the outdoors, need a little outdoors inspiration, or just want to see some kids bow hunting or fishing, this is the place! Join the Kids Outdoors kids on their many adventures in hunting, fishing, trapping, kayaking, exploring, and so much more!

We're far from experts but we believe that the real adventure lies in the journey. There's so much happening in God’s country, every day is filled with new challenges and discoveries. We feel blessed to be able to take part in creation as stewards and conservationists with the great respect for the creatures we pursue.

Each of the Kids Outdoors kids has their own passion! While they all love the outdoors, hunting squirrels, building forts, and starting fires (haha!), they each have their own specialties.

Tristin - Creature catching (especially water creatures), observing nature in action, researching, and making fishing lures.

Mia - Trapping, she enjoys every aspect of the art of trapping and rabbit snaring. Mia does her own research, scouting, trap setting (sometimes with Dad’s help), and harvesting. She also loves fishing, especially for the little ones!

Slade - Bow hunting, and fishing. Slade is the kind of kid who will endure anything to catch a fish or harvest a deer. He spends more time in the stand and in the boat than anyone.

Liam - Loves exploring, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, and discovering all the treasures hidden in the natural world.