2 years ago

Political Campaigning Legend John Turmel explains his plan to save Canada from Financial Slavery!

Interview by Arana Nation on Mar 6 2020
John Turmel @kingofthepaupers​ is a political campaigning legend within Canada, and is probably the greatest Canadian Statesmen never known! The Establishment calls him the "worlds biggest Election loser however his policies if put in effect could make us all winners! He has run in every single Canadian Election & most by elections in Ontario Federally and Provincially since 1979! He originally was the champion of legalizing gambling, drugs & prostitiution but quickly became known for his revolutionary plans for monetary reform for Canada and the world! John Turmel has created two Federal Parties & one Provincial Party in Ontario which is still around today! Arana Nation sits down with Mr. Turmel to discuss how Canada and the world got itself into such a financial mess and what he would do to fix it, and the benefits for mankind if we had his version of monetary reform! #JohnTurmel​ #MonetaryReform​ #BankofCanada

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