China Used Anal Swabs on U.S. Diplomats; January Gun Sales Hit All-Time High: FBI | NTD

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00:00 China Used Anal Swabs on U.S. Diplomats
Getting tested for the virus isn't usually controversial. But the State Department says they learned US diplomats in China were being tested in a way they 'had a problem with.'

03:36 January Gun Sales Hit All-Time High: FBI
Americans are buying guns like never before. Firearm purchases hit an all-time high in January. Meanwhile, House Democrats are pushing President Biden to do more on gun control.

05:11 Think Tank: Biden Tax Plan Would Hurt Economy
Joe Biden's often said he would raise taxes on corporates. But a new think tank report says that would be bad news for the economy, especially as it's trying to bounce back from the pandemic.

07:27 Biden Trade Nominee’s Plan for China
President Biden's pick for US trade representative is calling China a rival. She lays out her strategy of dealing with Beijing.

08:44 Pentagon: US Will Protect America in Syria
The Pentagon defended itself against criticism over the recent airstrikes in eastern Syria. It says the strikes were necessary, as lawmakers react.

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China Used Anal Swabs on U.S. Diplomats;
January Gun Sales Hit All-Time High: FBI | NTD