Nothing can stop what's coming!!!

Published February 26, 2021 438 Views

Rumble Purim is today. This is the beginning of the great redemption, the great awakening. Nothing can stop what's coming.
Purim Story:​

The Plague of Darkness started on Feb. 20 and goes to the 28th. On the Jewish calendar this began on the 8th of Adar. The first three days were dark, and 4/5ths of the Jewish People passed over, rather than leave Egypt. The next three days, corresponding to Feb. 23-26 were even darker and the Egyptians were unable to move at all. Jew could see without problem, in fact they were guided by improved vision which helped them locate all the wealth of Egypt, which they took when they left, on Passover, as payment for the two centuries spent in slavery.


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