Homemade Primer Series Part 7 Lab Work - Safely Making the Missing Link

Published February 26, 2021 1,115 Views

Big Beaker:
Homemade Primer Course: Page 19: 150 mls distilled water
He actually only added about 40mls in the video. Relax!
Because this lab is so forgiving you can be "off" with this volume
of water and easily recover by adding more water later ....
he does!

We are researching other sources where the water is already included
in the solution ('say' 25% Sodium hypophosphite from sources such as
Caswells,a company that does metal plating). Our trials indicate that
this particular product "Part B" does NOT work because of contaminents
in the solution. We are still searching and investigating the cause
of the problem. Until then "Part B from Caswell's" is a No-Go.

Little Beaker:
Once again - this is a very forgiving experiment and you can be "off" by
quite a bit. Think of it as making "Iced Tea" you can add more water
in the beginning or later (you can't drink this of course!).

Big Beaker Sodium hypophoshite:
Chemists like purity. According to the documentation 21.5 grams (not grains)
goes into the Big Beaker.

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