Sea Of Clouds - Weather's Majesty

Timelapses taken from uphill, on the high grounds of the swiss little town of Vevey, near Montreux and the Leman Lake. One of the most beautiful places in Switzerland, with moutains, the lake, wineyards and green places. This day way cloudy down there but I'm lucky to live above the usual cloud layer of autumn. Timelapses like this shows how clouds seems to function like liquid. It's really fascinating when we take the time to observe. Thanks for watching.

Look the beauty all around you. It's there everyday. Just look and take a little time to watch it quietly. The peace of mind becomes a tool for your life.
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Mainly shot around my living nice little town in the middle of Switzerland.
Edited and color graded with DaVinci Resolve
Shot with a BlackMagic Cinema Camera, DNxHD, Sigma EX lenses. Comments appreciated.
Music by Sergey Cheremisinov. Downloaded from the FMA archive here:
Thanks to the musicians who give their creations for us the visual artists.

The music is slightly edited but not soundly transformed.

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