Imagine If You Will Great Deception of America

Published February 26, 2021 748 Views

Rumble Billy Ray Parrish invites you to Imagine If You Will exploring the Great Deception of the United States of America. For more than one hundred years, our government has sold out the United States to the highest bidder. In 1871, the Constitution was suspended to make way for a new, altered constitution. Why? To make a deal with international bankers (the Central Bank) and this further paved the way for the New World Order. Imagine, If You Will a man who steps up to fight against the swampy system….in stepped Donald J. Trump who not only won in 2016 against all odds but won reelection in 2020! Please watch, listen, share, and subscribe on social media to help spread the Word of God and the hidden truth. Thank you and God bless!

BREAKING: Rumble to Combine with NASDAQ listed CFVI