Right Here ~ Right Now

Published February 25, 2021 81 Views

Rumble #1MinuteEncouragement There are so many voices that are competing for our attention. The choices we are presented with can be nothing short of chaotic nausea. We should stretch past the voices of our culture and listen up to The Bridegroom’s Voice. We should give no one permission to speak first into our lives than God. God is still speaking and He is navigating us from every moment into every choice. There is no doubt about it. God has gone before us. He is a Way-Maker God; He prepares the way for us. When we step out with uncertainty and fear of the unknown, He is right there with us. He has the wisdom we need to make the right choices the first time. It is time to shake the fear and doubt off of us, let it go and listen up to God’s Spirit and Truth. We will grow through these hard times and thrive as we move in sway with God. Don’t be afraid, step out into God’s Sovereign sway. God is on the move, stretch your comfort zone to embrace the new direction God wants to take you, in followship of His Holy Spirit. God is saying step out, this is the way, walk in it. God is still speaking. Listen up Heart to heart. #DigDeeper https://thebridegroomscafe.com/the-bridegroom-speaks-about-questions/