Psaki Defends Biden Calling Cuomo The ‘Gold Standard’ In COVID Response

Published February 25, 2021 769 Views

Rumble Peter Doocy: “I know you were asked about this this weekend, but I’ll try again. Does President Biden still think Andrew Cuomo is the gold standard for Covid leadership and that he’s doing a hell of a job, which he has said about him?”

Psaki: “Well, first of all, I think to be fair, let’s put all of the comments in context, which sometimes is missing from these conversations we have in here or during interviews. At the time, which was, I believe, April of last year, the president spoke out and said positive things about a range of governors, Democrats and Republicans, who were stepping in when there was a vacuum of leadership at the federal level, when they were getting no information, when they were getting no help and no guidance from the former Trump administration. He had — he made some positive comments about Governor Cuomo and his role in New York at the time."