I Build Tiny Cars Out Of Old Fridges | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published February 25, 2021 200 Views

Rumble CLASSIC cars have been reenvisioned as miniature versions and collected in a ‘dwarf car’ museum. Ernie Adams, of Maricopa, Arizona, has been creating his incredible scaled-down replicas of full-size cars since 1965, starting with his version of a 1928 Chevy two-door sedan. The original car, known as ‘Grandpa Dwarf’, was made out of nine old refrigerators and is still running today. Since then, Ernie, now in his late-70s, has made hundreds of 11/16th scale dwarf cars, from racers to cruisers – all fully drivable and road-legal. One of the gems of his collection is his take on the 1949 Mercury two-door coupe, which he built entirely from scratch using flat sheet metal. Known as ‘Rebel Rouser’, the car uses a 1290cc motor from a 1982 Toyota Starlet alongside a garden tractor battery and a five-speed transmission. The Mercury replica took Ernie five years to build and boasts an impressive top speed of 100mph. The car also features a faithful recreation of the original vehicle’s interior with a radio, glove box, and heaters. It now sits in Ernie’s Arizona museum alongside the other dwarf cars – a collection which Ernie says he’ll never part with despite receiving offers of $50,000 to $450,000. In the meantime, Ernie is finishing up work on a mini version of a 1904 Oldsmobile Pie Wagon, which he says will be his final build.