Biden reopens migrant facility, sparks backlash; Facebook 'refriends' Australia

Published February 24, 2021 476 Views $0.17 earned

Rumble The Biden administration is reopening a Trump era "migrant facility" for children—expanding capacity, due to the pandemic and "increased child apprehensions at the border." But the move is drawing criticism from both the left and the right.

Capitol police are agreeing the violence at the January 6th Capitol breach was pre-planned. A senate committee questioned why there was a slow response from intelligence departments that day. A Capitol former police chief says a pipe bomb scare caused members of congress to evacuate, not the protestors storming the building.

And as for Big Tech, Australian news will be back on Facebook. Australia's treasurer saying in a statement, Facebook has "re-friended" Australia. The tech giant has reached an agreement with the Australian government over a proposed media law. This comes as former president Trump is attempting to return to Facebook and Instagram. Trump is appealing his suspension from the platforms, and he may have a decision in about two and a half months.

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