Dallas Guynes Green testifies for Gun Owners of Arkansas Amendment to SB24

Published February 24, 2021 32 Views

Dallas Guynes Green testifies for Gun Owners of Arkansas Amendment to SB24

Footage of the debate on SB24 in the Arkansas 2021 legislative session stand your ground build that would get rid of the leftist concept known as duty to retreat.
An amendment to include a clause regarding lawfully present that was negotiated by conservative activist failed to pass after testimony from the Arkansas Prosecuting office.
SB24 passed on a partisan vote and should easily pass the Arkansas House. If globalist/moms demand action supporting Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoes the bill, the legislators should have
the votes to override his veto.

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Representative Carol Dalby Y
Representative Brandt Smith yes
Representative Stan Berry Y
Representative Frances Cavenaugh Y
Representative Nicole Clowney N
Representative Andrew Collins N
Representative Cameron Cooper Y
Representative Cindy Crawford Y
Representative Kenneth B. Ferguson N
Representative Vivian Flowers N
Representative Jimmy Gazaway Y
Representative Ashley Hudson N
Representative Tippi McCullough N
Representative Milton Nicks, Jr. N
Representative Jay Richardson N
Representative Marcus E. Richmond yes
Representative Jamie Scott N
Representative Matthew J. Shepherd N
Representative Keith Slape Y
Representative Kendon Underwood Y

sb24 PASSED! 10-9

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