Biden-Gates Tag Team Predatory Parasitic Ai Syndicate Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

Published February 24, 2021 17 Views

Rumble Plz feel free to share the following with those who don't know what Reverse Speech is, but might like to know.

God made our brains in two hemispheres and God made consciousness in at least two directions.

One Direction shows up in our forward speech as our Free Will/Free Speech direction where we are free to lie or tell the truth.


The other direction is our involuntary, unconscious direction that's similar to how we have other involuntary systems in our body we don't have to think about like our heart beating, is the side of our consciousness God made that shows up in our speech in the reverse direction. We can only tell the truth from this side of our consciousness.

We actually pick it up and can hear our Reverse Speech on a subtle level that makes things ring true or false to us based on how well we are tuned into it. We start developing it at 4 months of age & start learning it from our parents as an unconscious, involuntary biological, human system. And it comments on our forward speech.

Our RS is from our subconscious, collective conscious, & from our higher consciousness that comes from the same hard-wired-for-truth side of us as our dreams and body language comes from.
Reverse Speech in children-

My interview on what RS is and why it's important-

The CIA has the theory of Reverse Speech in their Reading Room because they have studied it.
They seem to be very intimidated by the truth coming from our RS & harass many Reverse Speech professionals who are very good at pulling RS from our shared consciousness and interpreting it.
I believe David Oates's son (David is the man who discovered human Reverse Speech,) & the man who started RS with David named Greg Albrecht, were both killed for this & many in my family and I are also on a Globalist Stasi HUMINT exploitation/depopulation and sabotage kill list. We are hit with EMF weapons 24/7/365. So, it would be really great if we could get the correct information out to the world about Reverse Speech before that side of who we are through our Reverse Speech gets completely extinguished by the darkness dominating our planet currently.
Thank you so much for researching and posting about the side of us that if most people knew about could restore our planet to the balance our creator had in mind for us.
Our Reverse Speech is a direct check against secrecy & deception. These are the very two things darkness must have in order to thrive.
Thank you for helping to get this truth out to the world and pray for RS personnel who are pulling it out and translating it to bring us closer to God.

Tiffany Fontenot, Certified RS Analyst, Our Still Small Voice

F1: [This company Natures Find is using Fungi]
R1: The ad in ALF, misery seek in the arts of scheme-need-to-flex it.
F = 0:00:31 to 0:00:34, R = 0:00:31 to 0:00:34
- The Ai is running an ad campaign connected to seeking misery (money from suffering business models spread misery as a form of domination and control) and it is creating a scheme to launch what it’s needing. This is going to connect to the food that IT NEEDS and not the food that humans need.

F2: [And so then they turn them into sausage and yogurt pretty amazing. When you say fungi, do you mean like mushroom or microbe? It's a microbe.]
R2: Quirk, ya I must eat. Lurk-him was loosh 'em. Kill him he's dead no fish he know. Ya see him eat it? You're avoidin' net. Sh-knee sauce wisk lemon lark skin, Anderson.
F = 0:00:34 to 0:00:44, R = 0:00:34 to 0:00:44
- Gates’ is claiming there is a quirk about how he must eat. There is lurking around connected to looshing people, or squeezing the energy of suffering from them and killing ones not close to them. He’s not mentioning a trap while watching people eat this food and the quiet, subservient sauce being made from whipping up this sour quest for amusement and adventure connected to protection with Anderson. The last part looks to mean it’s a protection scam being made for their amusement, where people pay them to not get hurt.

Links from the video-,a%20combination%20of%20both%20forms.&text=Yeasts%20are%20microscopic%20fungi%20consisting,which%20grow%20by%20apical%20extension.