2020 a Year, Decade, & Season of Double, Visions, First, and more

3 years ago

This was posted to Youtube on 6 Jan, 2020, WOW did GOD FOR FILLED HIS WORD!! Certainly in several different ways that we did not expect!
I Love taking a look back and remembering GOD's Moments and Speaking with US and then see how GOD's Word came to pass. Often times I look back very grateful certain Prayers of mine were not for filled. I always Love How GOD knows all, and don't love how at times I tend to forget that. Silly little Human... lol.

But Im learning and growing as we all are.
I Pray others See GOD's and GLORY in HIS Ways and Word.
Blessing and Prayers,

This channel is a Bible Study.
We review book by book, verse by verse.
I enjoy readying and studying the Bible.
I have found that through growing in my relationship with Our Father El Elohiym Elyon Yahweh in Heaven, through His begotten Son Yahusha Ha'Mashiach Jesus Christ, lead by the Holy Spirit Ruach Yahuah; my life has been beyond blessed.
When I was lost I asked God how I could serve Him.
God told me: read My Bible, Study My Bible, and Share my Bible. When I was in the desert I promised God when He brought me through I would serve Him with my whole heart. This Bible study is just the start. We may not be perfect, but we study, we learn, we laugh, & we try.
The best is yet to come, through Christ.
Blessings. Marie .
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Blessings, Marie

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