A Growing Tyranny Over the Mind—Arthur Milikh on Why Identity Politics Cannot Tolerate Free Speech | American Thought Leaders

Published February 23, 2021 4,133 Views

“Tyranny is trying to tread into somebody's mind to distort it and to form it to reflect what you think is good,” says Arthur Milikh.

Does it make sense to look at identity politics as almost a form of mind control, in which your speech and your thoughts no longer belong to you?

And is there any situation in which the criminalization of speech is justified?

Arthur Milikh is the Executive Director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life. Back in May of 2020, he wrote the prescient report, “Hate Speech” and the New Tyranny over the Mind for The Heritage Foundation.

👉Read the full report: https://www.heritage.org/civil-society/report/hate-speech-and-the-new-tyranny-over-the-mind

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