Terrifying Sounds Of Some Creature In The Woods, a Witch? Mothman?

Published February 23, 2021 55 Views

Rumble I heard an odd noise as we were talking in the living room with the door open. Around then our guard dog Jerry took off into the fog(visibility was a matter of yards) and snow. He came back after awhile empty handed, after listening awhile on the front porch of the cabin I grabbed the camera. In this footage you can hear whatever creature it is several times. If you skip to the end of the video I replay two of the screams of this animal, slowed down and with the volume increased. Being out here, sometimes I do see and hear some things, It's usually of no concern but it can be scary walking around out here in the pitch black. I intended on filming stuff like that but you wouldn't be able to see much without a ridiculous amount of light. Summary: the woods are haunted.

Maybe it was the Mothman or Mothwoman, a witch or some other paranormal entity, maybe just an owl or cat of some sort, you tell me!