Decoding the Greatest Songs Episode #6~A Tribute to the Band, America

Published February 23, 2021 1,060 Views

Rumble We had an INCREDIBLE 4-hour Marathon last night decoding these 5 songs as part of our Tribute to the Band, America. So much powerful Gnosis was shared that virtually everyone was blown away...

And what did we wake up to this morning? Youtube has the Video SHADOW BANNED on Justin's Youtube Channel, meaning, Justin sees that it is there, and he can play it, BUT, NO ONE ELSE CAN...

Does Youtube fear the Truth in a simple song??? YOU BET...the amount of Censorship that we have received on this series of shows has been, lesson learned...


The Enlightened Ones have been sending us messages in all of their work...we simply need the EYE to see it...

Love Charlie and Colleen

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