Frozen Light

Published February 23, 2021 20 Views

Sometimes, we just need to watch and listen to all things all around us. Without thoughts or feeling, just the quiet presence of our being, in the present moment.
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Mainly shot around my living nice little town in the middle of Switzerland.
Edited and color graded with DaVinci Resolve
Shot with a BlackMagic Cinema Camera, DNxHD, Sigma EX lenses.

Music by Henry Clarke "The Leaning Tree Trunk"

[dlnet017] - Henry Flower - In The Gloaming
by Henry Flower

Published 2004
CC Usage Attribution-NoDerivs:
(No modification applied to this song)

About the musician:
Henry Flower has returned with a short collection of spacious drone pieces. In The Gloaming is his latest work inspired by the paintings of Monet, Turner, Rothko & Ken Bushe. Equal parts lonely, desolate and redeeming.

Inspired by:
"Impressions du soleil levant" by Monet,
"Dusk" by Monet
"The Margate paintings" by Turner
"The Fighting temeraire" by Turner
"Blue and grey" by Rothko
"Broughty ferry castle, dawn" by Ken Bushe

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