Thirty Minute Timer

Published February 22, 2021 8 Views

Rumble The thirty (30) minute video was created to be used as a timer for completing tasks. For example, the timer can be used for individuals who enjoy exercising and like the convenience of using a large television displayed timer. It can also be leveraged for individuals who are multi-tasking cooking, and cleaning.

The timer was created using processing.js programming language and is approximate, meaning, it did not use the computers clock to as a countdown method.

The video was created for several specific purposes:

1. To be used as an exercise timer. In my case, I created my own exercise program and needed a way to see how long my work out was taking. The other reason was to time-box my exercise time so that I have time to eat, shower and get ready for work. The timer video frees me from having to constantly look at my fitness band or a clock on the wall.
2. I kept the concept simple. No music or special effects. I often play my own music even if I am watching another channels exercise video.
3. Very easy to see timer. Some people may have a hard time viewing small displays so the large timer on a TV makes it easier.

Hopefully all viewers will enjoy this clock / Timer and come up with creative uses. I will be regularly using this time box to help me manage my exercise time. Remember, thirty minutes of exercise time everyday is better than zero minutes of activities.