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Debunking Democrats’ Hypocrisy for Condemning Marjorie Taylor Greene | Larry Elder

Every House Democrat and eleven Republicans recently stripped Georgia's freshman House Member Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments because of her QAnon conspiracy tweets before she was elected. If this is the new standard, maybe it should be applied to Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Rep. Ilhan Omar Sen. Chuck Schumer. Watch as Larry replays their racist schemes, calls for violence, and anti-Semitism remarks.

Mentioned Videos:

Associated Press: Greene regrets 'words of the past,' but no apology https://youtu.be/3JLG6TwciSA

CNN: Democrat Maxine Waters: Time to confront Trump administration https://youtu.be/XCYEDOZH29k

Chuck Schumer says Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch | https://youtu.be/v14EazTKyyQ

Rep. Ilhan Omar apologizes for comments deemed "anti-Semitic tropes" | https://youtu.be/ztYcuP47abY

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