Is JFK Jr. John Galt? An Explanation of our Reality

Published February 22, 2021 6,862 Views

Rumble In the Creation of her Trilogy Novel, Altas Shrugged, Ayn Rand created the character of John Galt...someone who discovered a NEW MOTOR for the world, one that tapped into the Aether and pulled clean, wireless, limitless energy from Nature itself and wanted to feature this New Way as part of a New World that was based upon personal Merit, the desire of the Individual to do their best, regardless of what they did...a future that was not about Nation-States and broad power bases, rather, the Individual, FREE to create and then share their Genius for the betterment of Mankind.

During the Novel, John Galt encouraged the Movers and Shakers of Goodness within Organized Society to LEAVE this diseased, specious and decaying system for his Hidden Realm of Atlantis, and help to build Magic, until such time that Society began to collapse in upon itself, where they could then offer an ALTERNATIVE to the Masses...a New Way where Personal Freedom reigned supreme. Thus, these Men and Wombmen that John Galt encouraged away from Organized Society and became part of his Atlantis, were termed as being "John Galted Away", mysteriously disappearing from Society.

In this video, Charlie explains how this is precisely what has been happening in our Reality with the Q Team enticing certain Societal Figures who embodied Genius in their talents, and who were being earmarked for personal Sacrifice, to Fake their own Deaths to leave the Control Mechanism governing their actions, for Atlantis...helping behind the scenes to prepare for a New Reality based upon Individual Growth and Development, FREELY, within a Goodly, Godly System...

Is JFK Jr. John Galt...and has he been John Galting certain people away from the Control of the Cabal, preparing for a reality where the BEST IS YET TO COME??? You are about to find out..

Enjoy, Love Colleen and Charlie

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