King of the World by Steely Dan

Published February 21, 2021 800 Views

Rumble From their 2nd album, Countdown to Ecstasy, comes a track for the ages, King of the World...long misunderstood by the many, I decode this masterpiece perhaps for the first time, ever...

We have a choice in life, where EVERYTHING hangs in the Balance, Death thru a "Nuclear Winter" or Rebirth via the Raising of Christ Consciousness Within You...the Choice is Yours...

In the song, Donald and Walter lay out a Book of Revelations scenario with the Last Goodly Man standing amongst a barren and desolate landscape, who can resurrect the fortunes of ALL Mankind by going within thru the Protocols of Virtue and becoming the 144,000 Petalled Lotus Flower...the Son of Man, Risen, thru the Kundalini Rising...hold onto your seats for this Apocalyptic Ride...with Love, Charlie!

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