Published February 21, 2021 34,201 Views

Rumble We are in the month where America likes to say they are celebrating black history. But while they speak on our history, their truth is always edited. After slavery, the story of black people in America has become seriously edited and there is very little fuss about it because most people just don’t know. We basically went from slaves, to segregated, to fighting for civil rights, to prominent blacks in all facets of the country, to now people claiming there is equality. That is the story the most people want to believe, but the truth is that this version of history is extremely edited. There is something that must be understood in modern day black history particularly in America. Without it, you miss a very big side of history that will always leave you blinded & confused and led astray into rebellion. There is no modern-day Black History without Prince Hall Freemasons. Mostly everything that we know today in our American black culture has been cultivated and steered by Prince Hall Freemasons. They are literally an unseen hand of black America. So we can no longer just go through the cycle of speaking about black history month and not discussing the real shakers of our black history. We all need to know about Prince Hall Freemasonry. Let’s Begin!

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