Winter Drive in San Antonio February 18th 2021 with commentary

Published February 21, 2021 15 Views

Rumble I had to go retrieve my stepson from Home Depot because they were letting employees go home early due to the incoming snow storm. Compared to what I grew up with in Indiana, this wasn't a snow storm, but since we don't get much snow in this area, most drivers are not equipped or experienced in driving on ice and snow so the city just shuts down and waits for warmer weather.

(Note: I just noticed that the date was off on my car radio. I had recently had the transmission replaced and I guess the date got messed up. That's an easy fix the next time I go drive it.)

This is not one of my usual style videos, since it was recorded while driving along a few miles of city roads on my way to Bandera and Loop 1604. The audio was lower than I had hoped, so feel free to crank up the volume. It won't blow your ears out if you do.

I am planning to go fly a drone in this snowy weather once everything is charged up. Ought to be an interesting sight to behold. Check back later to see it. Feel free to hit RUMBLE and SUBSCRIBE, if you haven't already, and get alerts when I post new videos.

Note: The drone video has already been uploaded to my channel. In fact, I uploaded 2 drone videos. One from February 15th, after the initial snowfall and the second from February 18th, flying DURING the second snow storm. Check out my channel YellowRoseDrones for more videos here on Rumble.