Certification Of Vaccination ID pt12

Published February 20, 2021 273 Views

Rumble Thanks for tuning into Certification of Vaccination part 12...things are becoming insane around the world with the strange type of flu...
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-The Pfizer (NASDAQ: PFE) and Moderna (NasdaqGS: MRNA) "vaccines" are both mRNA treatments.
 -They function by re-programming the recipients cells at the cytoplasm level.
-Traditional vaccines contain chopped up pieces of the virus so that the recipient can get immunity without getting the disease.
-The mRNA covid vaccine contains genetic "software" that causes the recipient's cells to manufacture the antigen on their own, which (they hope?? They are not sure yet) will then cause an immune response. Cool idea. Let's find out if it works or not
-Both are unproven, and have not completed clinical trials (who needs clinical trials when you have the entire global population to test on)
-Not only are the covid vaccines unproven, the treatment itself (mRNA) is only a few years old
-Both companies are traded on wall street with hedge funds being the main shareholders
-mRNA treatments are widely tested on animals
-the source of the mRNA originates from aborted babies (but like, a long time ago so it's not unethical, they say. See ref below)
-mRNA technology is being tested on many different diseases, expect to be pushed by the media/Wall Street machine into getting more and more jabs for various ailments

So if what I'm reading is accurate, the entire human population is being asked by the wall street/media feedback loop to be genetically reprogrammed by a brand new, experimental treatment of questionable efficacy that causes serious side effects including DEATH all for a disease that has a 99.9% survival rate.
What could go wrong?