Newborn calf takes first clumsy steps to get milk from his mother

3 years ago

Bernice is a beautiful cow with a wonderful personality. She lives on a gorgeous farm in the hills of Millbrook, Ontario. Its one of the most perfect farms in Canada, with hundreds of acres of lush, green pasture, ponds full of fresh water, forest to take shelter in and all the freedom to wander that Bernice and her herd could ask for. Her baby could not have chosen a better place to be born. Life on this farm is as close as possible to what nature intended for these gentle creatures.

Bernice chose a quiet spot away from the herd, lay down and gave birth like a pro. She's a seasoned mother who is familiar with how things should go. Her baby entered the world smoothly and lay quietly in the meadow while Bernice got back on her feet and began grazing as she kept watch over him. Bernice instinctively knows that calves need a few minutes, but she expects him to be walking as quickly as possible. She licks him clean and then moves a short distance away.

Cows are prey animals and they know that it is important for a calf to be walking and even running as soon as they get their balance. She knows her little one is hungry and he will follow her for some milk. As expected, he gets up and wobbles over to her. Within a few minutes, he finds her udder and latches on. This first milk is crucial for his immune system as it is full of antibodies. Between licking and nursing, the two will bond and become inseparable. Over the coming months, Bernice will eat as much as possible and she will supply him with the food that he needs to grow rapidly.

This is an ethical beef farm. The farmers here value herd health and wellbeing over profit and they care for their animals like they are family. The cows have enough space and food to be happy and they are protected from predators. They even have a large bull in their herd and he watches over his ladies protectively. Those who choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle have made a commendable choice, but for those who still choose to eat beef, they do not have to source their food from a factory farm with poor conditions and animal cruelty. Ethical farmers are not difficult to find. The cost might be slightly more, but it is important to support those farmers who insist on doing things correctly for their animals.

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