We the People Convention News & Opinion 2-20-21

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3 years ago

This Week’s Topics:
Rush Lives on in US! 3:30
Lessons from Texas Storm 7:30
What Happened to SCOTUS? 13:30
AZ Senate Keeps Fighting 15:00
Left Throws Cuomo to the Wolves 17:00
Montana does Covid Right! 19:00
Herd Immunity by April? 23:00
Biden Attacks Military & Police 26:30
Comey PROVES he is a Criminal 30:00
Teachers Union - the Enemy Within 32:30
Plan to Attack our Enemies 38:00
Advice from Gab CEO 47:30
Political Parties Can’t be Reformed 56:00
Need to re-invent the Political Party 62:30
Australia Takes on Google & FB 66:30

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