Too Much Too Soon - Ashley Bever and Dean Broyles

3 years ago

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Educate your kids about sexuality the right way, read The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality

If your child is attending school, they will eventually be taking a sex education class. If you’re a parent, you may soon need to have that “talk” to answer any questions your child now has about sex. But soon, you may have to be more concerned about the content being taught in these classes and the type of homework they will be bringing home.

Today on Kevin’s show we have two guests to talk about this delicate topic. Ashley Bever is a concerned parent who has seen the new California sex-ed curriculum first hand. She is alarmed by what she has seen. Starting in the 6th grade, students will be given access to pornographic materials. In addition, they will be taught that having sex at any age, with anyone, at any time is perfectly healthy. Not only is this material age-inappropriate, but it also flies in the face of what is medically appropriate.

Our other guest is Dean Broyles, an attorney who works with the American Center for Law and Justice. He understands how the laws about sex education are written in California. He believes that this new curriculum being pushed by a liberal group called “Advocates For Youth” is twisting the law and using it to bully schools and parents into adopting this appalling curriculum.

Tune in to hear important details about this new curriculum. You may be shocked by what you are about to hear. If you want to take action and help prevent this curriculum from being implemented in your school you can visit, search for SDUSD and sign the petition found there.

This episode first aired on June 10, 2017.
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