The Myth of Voter Fraud (2-19-21)

Published February 19, 2021 11 Views

Rumble 00:00 How widespread is voter fraud?
05:00 Lorraine C. Minnite - The Myth of Voter Fraud,
08:00 Is Voter Fraud a Danger or a Myth?,
12:00 My first book was peer reviewed by the late historian Vern Bullough,
40:00 Republicans now enjoy unmatched power in the states. It was a 40-year effort.,
47:40 Boris John on IQ and income inequality
1:01:50 Howard Stern - Calling Old Girlfriend,
1:13:00 Michael Savage debates Lubavitcher caller on the Rebbe & Moshiach
1:19:00 Alison's Last Time On Air & Pisses off Howard By Seeing Z100's Jingle Ball w Kids - 12/18/98,
1:32:00 Covid-19 among Israel's Haredim,
1:44:00 Owen Benjamin loves Redbar Radio,
2:04:00 Rush Limbaugh and the Right’s Generational Despair,
2:11:30 Biden Will Shut Down Left Voices w/Chris Hedges,
2:17:10 Hate Incidents Against Asian-Americans EXPLODE,
2:19:20 Free speech in universities, a culture of fear
2:21:20 Greg Johnson talks to Millennial Woes
2:41:00 Pod School,
2:43:30 How to launch your podcast successfully,
2:46:00 The biggest podcasting no-no,
2:49:40 Why reading on your podcast is a bad idea,
3:28:00 St Andrews Cathedral Sydney: Hymn: Abide With Me,
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