What Happened to Creme Savers?

Published February 19, 2021 35,150 Views

Whatever happened to Creme Savers Hard Candy? You might remember the very popular flavor, Strawberry Cream. Bring back any memories? There were also other flavors like Orange Cream and Raspberry Cream, but you really couldn't go wrong with Strawberries and Cream.

A spinoff hard candy of Life Savers, Creme Savers were produced by Nabisco in the late 90s and were sadly discontinued mid-00s without a clear explanation.

Sadly, you can't find bags of Creme Savers at big stores like Walmart and Target, not even Amazon. However, there is some good news. There are some brands you can find nowadays that are producing hard candies, which taste very similar to Creme Savers. If you're craving that nostalgic taste of Creme Savers hard candy, then try out Campino Yogurt Fruit Candies and place it in your candy dish.

The reviews are positive and customers seem to be raving about them. Sure, you can just stick with the donut-hole shaped Life Savers, but when you're craving that creamy strawberry flavor, why not check out something that is strangely similar to the real thing.

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