Get Illuminated About The Illuminati and The New World Order

3 years ago

Globalism has been around for 5,000 years, so what's the rush to the New World Order? Hang on tight, because Shannon breaks down the Illuminati and the New Word Order in under 30 minutes! Take some notes and listen with eyes wide open!

Video Overview:

01:09 - Do weird conspiracies have a part in Bible prophecy?
01:32 - The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy
03:36 - Two things in the way of a One World Order
05:29 - Where did globalism start?
06:14 - The start of the New World Order with the Masons
06:30 - The Illuminati begins
08:00 - The Bilderberg Group
09:40 - Pope Francis and the New World Order
10:03 - Who is George Soros?
11:50 - Unicef and the United Nations
13:06 - Massive immigration
14:07 - The environmental agenda
15:05 - Trump doesn't play by the Cabal agenda
18:50 - No religion, one religion and "co-exist"
21:40 - The more President Trump upholds Christian values, the more he is attacked
22:19 - The end times are HERE!

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