Our toxic world

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Rumble Starting a discussion on the chemicals in our environment. Out of the 80k plus, only 5% have been tested. Many are home disrupters and carcinogens.
A highlight from S6 Ep9 How we live in a toxic world
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A decrease in our sperm production. So you know i had. I don't know we didn't know where it really where to start. But i think a good place. is To start would be with with what's happening to our men okay. Because their research. Researchers are discovering that men are slowly losing their of capacity and ability

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to procreate the chemicals found in plastics and food are affecting this procreation and this chemicals are known as ballet's p. h. t. h. a. l. a. t. e. s. I've talked about for years. Chemicals in their founded everyday items

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plastics cosmetics and food pat packaging in some other places that i'll tell you that will just blow your mind. They have a direct impact on your health. Ladies and gentlemen especially the reproductive health could the future of humanity be at stake. I don't know some doctors think so. Dr swan does at mount

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sinai hospital. She's been working with this chemical and other chemicals are in our environment to determine why men's sperm counts have been dropping so dramatically and they found that a siphon violates the chemical bis fetal a bpa as we talked about it.

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it. And don't get. Don't be fooled in to think that. Bpa bbn pbs. Are much safer. Because they're not but they found that these all affects men sperm and they have a biological impact on the development of our children. Who basically they're exposed to these chemicals in the womb before

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they're even born so are these chemicals making it fuzzy to determine men and women. We'll talk about that too now. There's of course book. There has to be further work and things could change but you know something. I realized i looked up. The population is increasing

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at point. Zero zero point seven percent a year. The chemicals in our environment are increasing at three percent a year and only five percent of them are tastes are tested for safety yet. You don't wanna taste them. Only by percent out of the eighty thousand some chemicals. The united states and the study that i

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read recently shows that even it's effecting the parts of the brain that has to do with your sexuality and word understanding. Yeah generally women Female understand a lot more words than men but this is this is changing. So i thought well. Let's let's let's let's start with this little bit because it is if

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it's affecting humanity it's affecting everybody and hey guys you know they tell you that. A women's sex life begins at forty. What happens demand at forty story. You know i. I hear a lot about men says laying in the sack. They're no longer hercules. They're more like a popeye without spinach. But you know what they say

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that if you want to be the master of the mattress again jets gather up all the plastic food packaging in the house and toss it take. Because as i'm telling you it affects your hormones and your sperm and another study at of michigan founded. These ballots also decrease sex. Drive pvc

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right. These plastic drop your testosterone level as much as thirty four percent. She wanna keep drinking out of plastic bottles. Guys want low testosterone most for out and low sex drive. There's your answer. I will tell you though. But if you're getting on in years you're gonna need every drop of testosterone

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now. The study improv michigan. Found that young. Men's testosterone withdraw was dropping dramatically. Not only that these phthalates mimic estrogen when you have a lot of estrogen in your body you your risk of diabetes so

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agents. I think it's important that you start getting rid of the plastics in your life. Another study sperm production is directly disrupted by the affects of both plastics and hormones using contraceptive pills. Why because they get flooded the all this stuff is up in septic system into groundwater and eventually we drink it

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their everybody now is starting to be concerned about these hormone-disruptive chemicals and we have talked about it a. Us team gave newborn male mice doses of plastic best fillet and they expose them to extra dial which is a synthetic form of Using contraceptives they

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they had these mice had a hard time developing good sperm and sperm. The ones that did serve that were produced. They died so low sex drive. A lot of estrogen knows sperm. Why there were worried about humanity.

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Another study in france. They looked at the partners of more than twenty six thousand childless women as saw the men sperm seem concentration had been nearly was down two percent a year for seventeen years case. So you think you should be

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be concerned about the chemicals in our environment. Our man turning feeble and effeminate because of this is the reason why grip test rates have been steadily decreasing dropping from an average of one hundred seventeen pounds of pressure in one thousand nine hundred eighty five to ninety eight pounds of pressure. Today

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guys becoming weaker because of the estrogen decrease this loss of you know guys are starting to use a lot more. Cosmetics and cosmetics have a lot of phthalates intimate hormone-disruptive chemicals..