Gorilla baby tries his best to entertain the older gorillas

Published February 19, 2021 3,009 Views $1.13 earned

Baby gorillas are hilariously playful and curious. This youngster does his best to get some fun going while the older gorillas look on, unamused. These are lowland gorillas who live at the Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada. They have a huge enclosure with structures and netting for climbing and exploring. They also have an outdoor area with lots of structures and trees, as well as two smaller indoor areas that are used for feeding.

Here, the gorillas know that it is time to move from one enclosure to another and they can hear the activity on the other side of the door that tells them food is about to be served. They wait patiently for the door to open so they can go through a short tunnel.

But while they wait, one gorilla wants to play. He is young and he does not want to sit quietly, even for a moment. He jumps and postures as if challenging his mother to wrestle with him or chase him.

He must sense her reluctance and he sits down and cuddles with her until the door opens. He follows the group into the tunnel where the food waits in the next room.

The Toronto Zoo puts tremendous effort into creating habitats that are roomy and stimulating for their animals. They are also heavy supporters of education and conservation efforts that help gorillas in the wild. The populations of gorillas have been declining rapidly as habitat loss pushes them closer to extinction every year.

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