It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

Published February 18, 2021 960 Views

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Hockey Stick Chart Debunked:

Third shot may be needed to combat new coronavirus variants, Bill Gates says:

Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg: "...we just don't know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people's DNA with RNA.":

COVID: 10-Year Jail Term For Lying About Where You Travelled From - UK:

Woman goes crazy at people not wearing masks:

Merkel’s Party before and after they turn on the television programming:

AstraZeneca Recruiting 5 Year-Old Kids For Covid Vaccine Trial:

The whole world is a stage, so we’re bringing live performances BACK to New York City! - DeBlassio:

Bubbles: You’ll get false positives half the time:

Just because you test positive, we’re not actually detecting the virus when we do these tests… we are detecting genetic information:

Retirement home removed door handles ‘trapping’ COVID-19 positive residents in rooms:

LA health inspector is caught on camera clapping her hands and dancing after INCORRECTLY shutting down brewery on Super Bowl Sunday over COVID guidelines:

Dominic Raab says 'vaccine passports' COULD be needed to get into pubs or supermarkets in the UK despite the government insisting they will only be used for foreign travel: (no alcohol in the pubs anyway!)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... no lockdown, no masks:

Ask yourself why are there no commercials for the vaccines? Could it be because they would then by law be forced to disclose side effects like bell’s palsy, allergic reactions and sudden death?:

Donut Karen thinks there are 50 donuts in a dozen:

Davey Day Trader “Bitcoin is the only thing that doesn’t go down! I’m never buying bitcoin!”:

This is what happened since 2009 in Bitcoin (soccer vid meme):

Lily’s Show - 3 year old girl understands bitcoin better than Peter Schill:

Bitcoin Payments for Private Flights Soar, 20% of Privatefly's Revenue Stems from Crypto:

5% of Finance Executives Polled in February 2021 Said They Planned to Hold Bitcoin as a Corporate Asset in 2021:

BlackRock, the worlds largest asset manager at $8.7T in assets under management, says that they are starting to ‘dabble’ with #Bitcoin:

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