2 years ago

What Makes a Great Leader?

Are there leaders who have impacted you and why? And how can you become a great leader and impact others?

Here’s some food for thought (in this video made for teens transitioning out of high school, and into their adulthoods), and three activities to inspire thought on leadership, what it is, what it takes, and how to become a great leader.

A great leader is made! Do not believe the nonsense that you were either born a leader or you were not! You are a leader in the making! You have what it takes to make your best life happen! A great leader inspires others to a common goal. A great leader influences, serves, builds and supports. A great leader shares his vision, has high expectations, provides resources and mentorship, course corrects, reflects and lifts others when they are down. Are there things you can do to grow into a great leader? Absolutely. Watch this short presentation on leadership to help inspire thought as to the leaders in your life, their impact on you, and the leader you want to become.

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