Piano Adventures Lesson Book A - Stone on the Mountain

Published February 17, 2021 19 Views

Rumble Piano Adventures Lesson Book A - Stone on the Mountain

Welcome to my channel, Piano Adventures Plus! My instructional videos are dedicated to teaching the Faber Piano Adventures method. I will be including videos for other methods, graded piano solos, holiday and special occasion pieces and like the title of my channel says, plus much more.

These videos are for three different groups: a piano teacher that would like to have instructional videos to go along with their lesson plans, piano students who need a little bit of extra help, and the parent who wishes to chart their child’s progress.

Each video will focus on theory, proper fingering, note reading, tempo, time signatures, dynamics and more. Each video is a complete lesson. I give instruction from beginning to end of each piece and include a play-along duet when the music calls for one. My video tutorials will help each student progress quickly through their lessons.

Did you know that the number five is the perfect practice number? If a student will practice each piece five times in a row before moving on to the next piece, that student should have an easier time learning to play. Following this one simple rule will create a positive lesson time for both the teacher and student. There isn’t a teacher, student or parent that does not want to see that happen.

These videos are my way of continuing my love for teaching. I want to reach as many people as I can with these videos. Teachers, use these videos to grow your business, improve your lesson plans and motivate your students. Students, use the videos so that you can learn your pieces faster. Parents, use these videos to learn to play the piano with the young musician in your home and to make music lessons fun and not a chore.

I have been creating these videos over the years. The URLs at the end of the videos are no longer in affect and I am no longer teaching. I will continue to add more videos to this channel. If you like these videos and my teaching method, please subscribe so you will be notified when I post a new lesson!