Gigantic Great Dane puppy repeatedly hipchecks owner into snowdrifts

Raven is an 11 month old Great Dane puppy who doesn't know her own strength. She is full of energy and enthusiasm but she is adorably uncoordinated. She has been enjoying long walks with her owners in a remote and beautiful forest in Ontario, Canada. She has been working very hard on her recall training and she has been rewarded with lots of off leash time every day.

Every morning, Raven's humans take her walking for 5km through endless trails over rolling hills. She walks on leash for the first part so that they are away from the road. When the leash comes off, she can't contain her joy. She affectionately bumps and leans on Kristy when she is happy and she gazes up adoringly at her during this display of love. But when she is trying to show her affection in the middle of a walk or a run, it resembles a hipcheck from a professional linebacker.

Kristy is normally very coordinated and sure on her feet, but walking in deep snow makes keeping her balance more difficult. When Raven collides with her playfully with her full 60kg (135lbs), it sends Kristy sprawling into the snowbank. Luckily, it's a soft landing and it doesn't hurt.

Kristy finds it difficult to get back up when she is half buried in the snowdrift, and laughing makes it all much harder. Raven seems happy about this new game and the excitement gives her a serious case of the zoomies. Kristy's husband Dave tries to help Kristy up but he's very amused by all of this too, and he can't decide whether to rush to Kristy's rescue or hold the camera and record this gigantic dog running with sheer joy all around them.

Without a doubt, Raven has a sense of humour and she enjoys this prank because she continuously knocks Kristy over throughout the entire walk. But Kristy also has a sense of humour and she too enjoys this game, so she gives Raven a hipcheck now and then too.
Great Danes are one of the most loveable and loyal breeds in the world. Anyone who has owned one has completely fallen in love with the breed. Raven's family has been loving their daily walks and occasionally they go for a second hike in the afternoon. Not only is Raven a ton of fun, but she's helping to keep her people healthy and young at heart!

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