Pike's Plan And Weather Warfare Reverse Speech

Published February 17, 2021 81 Views

Rumble My name is Tiffany Fontenot. I'm a Certified RS Analyst trained by David Oates, its discoverer. David's theory & method've been studied by the CIA. Find RS in CIA's Rdg Rm. RS is always true, is an involuntary system, & we start speaking it at 4 mos old.
RS appears to come from the same place as our dreams and body language. Many of the metaphors for Reverse Speech also show up in our dreams, so by learning to speak in metaphorical language the way we do in our RS, you will likely become better at interpreting your dreams at the same time.
Video- Reverse Speech in Children-
****How to Read the Transcript:
F= What was said forward
R= What was said in reverse.
[Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by time indicators and the interpretation.

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F100: So many Texasn relying on you. [We'll get it done.]
R100: Nudge in a loop.
F = 0:10:42 to 0:10:47, R = 0:10:45 to 0:10:46
- What Governor Abbott’s RS is saying is the intent behind getting it done is a nudge in a loop. In other words, this still appears to be Pike’s plan’s problem, reaction, solution until they drive the behavior of the public to where the elite want us to go like good little sheepies.
- What is a nudge? Nudging in public policy-
- What is a loop? “In computer science, a loop is a programming structure that repeats a sequence of instructions until a specific condition is met. Programmers use loops…”

So, the question here is what is the end goal?


Trump Video on Power Grid and 5G-

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