Reverse Speech And Jen Psaki, Anderson Cooper, The Capitol Siege, And More- Info Below

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Rumble My name is Tiffany Fontenot. I'm a Certified RS Analyst trained by David Oates, its discoverer. David's theory & method've been studied by the CIA. Find RS in CIA's Rdg Rm. RS is always true, is an involuntary system, & we start speaking it at 4 mos old.
RS appears to come from the same place as dreams & body language. Many of the metaphors for Reverse Speech also show up in our dreams, so by learning to speak in metaphorical language the way we do in our RS, you will likely become better at interpreting your dreams at the same time.
Vid- Reverse Speech in Children-

How to Read the Transcript:
F= What was said forward
R= What was said in reverse.
[Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by the interpretation.

Jen Psaki-
R1: How evil Aws behavin'. It wished sad family.
- Connected to Biden suspending Trump's EO for 90 days to keep China off our power grid is being conveyed to us that Aws has been behaving evil connected to a wish for families to be sad.

AC & Capitol Riots-
R100: Why I met with her. Deal with law. I had a war game. Dallas ok's and we now sell.
-The reason John Sullivan met with her, likely the air force vet, Ashli Babbitt reportedly shot and killed, was due to a deal made with the law to war game. Someone or something named or connected to Dallas oked the deal and Sullivan is now selling the act.

R1: Mud net. Jesuits in the Boss. He ain't got messy oats and I knew good fee. Initiates us in the grass. He ain't got Mabus inferno. The one percent mask of what?
-Connected are Jesuits in charge connected to obscuring wild oats being sown of some sort connected to a heavy fee. Also connected is being initiated into something connected to an informant and/or perhaps blackmail, and likely someone named Mabus. All of this is connected in some way to what the one percent are trying to mask. So, this seems to be quite a bit about being like a fixer or gatekeeper for a crime network that will likely connect with Jesuits heading controlled op gangstalking groups, hiding the Mabus’s inferno, likely meaning hiding evil incarnate in some way connected to the Vatican in my opinion.
-For a similar situation where TI’s and gatekeeping is concerned, see info on the FL School Shooter indicating betrayal and a mil intelligence op that set up a mentally unstable TI using Mk Ultra including V2K, ordered by a council connected to the Vatican.
-Dem, Ray Mabus from MS was Sec of the Navy, Ambassador to Saudi, & Gov of MS.
-The 12 people killed by TI Aaron Alexis & the network torturing him into a mass shooting with police shooting him was never addressed & was used as another excuse to sweep under the rug the civilian torture program, global Ai Arms Race to weaponize the human brain, depopulate, & bring in neuroenslaved, upgradable Humans 2.0 force-hooked to a dead computer internet happening now connected to Covid, harvesting DNA, & magnetically tagging HUMANS LIKE LIVESTOCK that is called #BrainNet funded by Obama, all indoctrinated by that indoctrinated, nut ball global transhuman syndicate and its insane, dead, computer system built for domination in order to install more Satanic, Transhuman control measures always =ing transhumanism that will further embed enslavement &=death of life.
-Mabus is also mentioned once in Century 2, Quatraine 62 in the Nostradamus writings connected to the third Anti-Christ, or the personification of evil.

R2: Penny slob it and we ate it all. Investments his legal. Net whore me. Lick our juice in the he'll-assaultware.
-Seems to have two parts, and 2. not. This rev is connected to Lee not spotting my emails to him. Very little $ is made and is quickly spent for investments that are legal. But, there’s a difference connecting to the whore network for sexual nourishment connected to what seems to be software that assaults. Targeting software?

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