Rumble Have you noticed the new definition of Homegrown Violent Extremists? It's not the Antifa that violently burned cities down in the summer of 2020. It's not the marxist-founded and controlled Black Lives Matter group that has quietly taken over once-serene downtown cities and wreaked havoc. No. It's anyone who disagrees with the political ideology of the left.

As happened prior to the arrival of the Nazi Party in WWII with the infamous book burnings, America is experiencing its modern-day equivalent with social media censorship. Worse, our very history is being rewritten before our eyes. And, it's happening at lightning speed.

The Senate is sitting on a bill (H.R.3106) - Domestic and International Terrorism DATA Act. It was passed by the House last year. You are going to be shocked at what they are saying defines a terrorist today. It's you and me if you don't agree with the Administration that stole their way into the White House. Folks, this is information you must know and SHARE. We are heading for some truly frightening times.

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