McConnell Stabs Trump in the Back Again, 3509

Published February 14, 2021 359 Views

Rumble Good Sunday morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
After helping Senator Mitch McConnell gain re-election last November, President Trump was mercilessly backstabbed by the Senate Republican Leader just minutes after voting to acquit him of his second impeachment.
Unfortunately, McConnell’s jaw-dropping diatribe of disinformation about the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol Building will – no doubt – will be used in the Nov, 2022 Congressional elections by the Democrats’ ad managers and repeated ad nauseum as the truth to try to diminish Trump’s gigantic influence across the country.
This is all easier to understand when you realize that Trump is not just the most important political figure in the United States, but worldwide. His form of populism is gaining traction around the world and works against the globalist agenda of eliminating the national sovereignty of all nations.