Control - Oppress - Victimize - Isolate - Divide (COVID)... That's the Great Reset

Published February 14, 2021 1,554 Views

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INTRO VID: You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy!? - The Great Reset - AwakenwithJP:

Attention Span Infographic:

Bill Gates continue to take over food distribution:

“You know that wearing this mask through the next year here can save lives, a significant number of lives,” Biden says:

Forest brook Elementary teacher Teresa Holmes recorded a video of her classroom which has 28 desks now armed with plexiglass shields:

Instagram removes vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. account with 800,000+ subscribers over ‘debunked claims about vaccines’:

Elderly woman exercising with a sign, assaulted and ticketed by Toronto Police:

B.C. readies plans to stop visitors at the Alberta border, if needed:

More Tik Tok Nurses:
Fight for $15 - Workers to be replaced by robots (all part of Great Reset):

Bitcoin Payment Provider BitPay Adds Apple Pay Support:

Apple Should Create Crypto Exchange and Buy Bitcoin, Says RBC:

$150 Billion Morgan Stanley Investment Arm Considering Bitcoin:

Ontario Securities Commission approves first bitcoin ETF in North America:

Ethereum Is Escaping Bitcoin’s Shadow With CME Futures Debut:

PayPal CEO says the payments giant wants to be 'the digital wallet for global CBDCs':

Monero is mentioned 0 times in the '2021 Crypto Crime Report' by Chainalysis. Bitcoin is mentioned 69 times:

Cathay Pacific adds mask exemption for premium passengers:

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