Young cancer survivor's reaction to new puppy is truly heartwarming

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Johanita is a 4 year old child who has fought cancer like a true champion. She has had numerous surgeries for a brain tumor and and several shunts to be placed to relieve the swelling in her brain. She has kept her beautiful smile and showed her fierce determination through radiation and chemotherapy and the hardest part is behind her now. She is doing very well now that she is able to play and focus on her learning and development.

Johanita's family are equally exceptional in their ability to face the challenges that were presented since her diagnosis at 18 months. Her father has worked two jobs with extreme hours and he has spent weeks away from home to make the finances manageable as they dealt with overwhelming cost of her care. Johanita's parents have researched and learned about nutrition, cancer, and everything else they needed to know to make the difficult decisions regarding her health care. And her two older brothers have been supportive and unselfish in an effort to help their sister.

Johanita's father knew that the children adored animals and he also knew that loving and caring for a new puppy would be a great opportunity for learning and growth. Johanita could benefit from the interaction and interest that a little dog could provide. And then he saw the perfect little face of Nena, a schnauzer puppy who also needed a forever home. He made the decision to surprise his daughter and his two sons so he brought Nena home and put the puppy on the floor.

Johanita's reaction was heart warming as she looked at Nena and then held out the little dog brush had come home with her. Nena shows all the curiosity of a puppy and tries to sniff the toys. Johanita begins to play with Nena and she looks around in surprise as she seems to understand that Nena is now a member of the family.

As this sinks in, Johanita begins to stroke Nena and then she leans over to put her face close for a hug. It's a beautiful moment and her brother, Johan comes over to share the joy. Johanita cannot decide whether to play with her puppy or smother her with love. She and Johan giggle with delight as Nena tries to play with their hands. Johan gets to his feet and runs across the room with Nena following close behind.

Feeding and caring for Nena will provide all of the children with the ability to learn about responsibility. They will enjoy the interaction of this furry little soul who is filling their home with even more love than ever before.

Despite their hard work and tireless efforts, this family has accumulate crushing medical debt. They struggle to pay their bills for the expensive treatment that has kept Johanita alive.

If anyone wishes to help them, this gofundme has been set up:[0]=AT1_GBYS5eU2k6YgUScVeIpjZIvlZZO8OSM_6CnnUoCu9zsAiwCWDJVm7xW6UIEox2O3vxEIH4FUU3ajMMEqqNX8TPspOctj9Sr1x5zJfgTGfHJ7VHjoqEdRHuVB8tMIU4NllNVwylqhjyBnzLtNkzvJFKU

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